Plant engineering

Within the BIOREFLY project a feasibility study on 2,000 ton/y jet fuel plant in Italy will be prepared, followed by the permitting and construction phases. In addition, the supply of lignin-rich residues to the jet fuel plant will be established.

The main steps of plant engineering are to determine necessary design criteria for the plant (process parameters, equipment dimensioning, heat loss and heat recovery, water cycles etc.) and identify characteristics of the lignin co-product obtained from the second generation Biochemtex-PROESA® technology in order to establish the overall design of the conversion reactors.

In the BIOREFLY project, design modifications will be evaluated and adopted in the engineering phase, in order to minimize the scale-up risk and reach a shorter time-to-market for the technology. A sustainable approach for the selection of conversion technologies is novel and innovative process that can be performed with equipment used in established industrial processes.

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