Research and Innovation

Lignocellulosic-to-jet fuel production at large-scale has not been proven yet to be economically feasible, although significant potential exists. Research on second generation biofuels technology has been carried out mainly for bioethanol and at laboratory or pilot scale. Research goals of BIOREFLY project are linked to the construction and operation of a pilot plant based on second generation technology. BIOREFLY will carry out the following research activities:

  • Validate process technology improvements achieved during demonstration operations and realize the scale-up to commercial plants
  • Incorporate all component designs into an integrated and techno-economic sustainable process package
  • Confirm the economic viability of the process design
  • Ensure that environmental, safety, health and security requirements are fully incorporated into project design and execution can be mplemented for plant construction in different locations worldwide

The BIOREFLY project will focus on demonstrating the thermo-chemical conversion of lignin to jet fuel in an integrated industrial demo scale plant, including innovative, tailor made and cost-effective downstream processes.

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